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Let the Adventure Begin!






Susan Sontag

The quote above represents how I feel about travel. I want to go everywhere! Cruising is a great way to travel to see everything you want. Cruise ships go everywhere from the rivers of China to the Fjords of Norway. 
Before I started cruising over 10+ years ago I thought why would I want to cruise? I won't be able to really see anything at a port and get into the culture of that country with just a half day of visiting. Boy was I wrong! Not only can you immersive yourself into that country's or town's culture, you can find out if you want to cruise there again or visit for a longer period of time not by cruise. I think cruising is the explorers way to see the world. For one price in a typical 7 day period you can visit 3 to 5 different places!
The places you go and see along with the people you meet on a cruise will change your life forever! Are you ready to see for yourself?




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